SEO: What it is and how it works

Nowadays there are several channels of customers attraction and acquisition for companies to explore. The diffusion of internet access allowed physical distance to not become a problem at the time of purchasing. However, having so many corporate options it is needed to optimize strategies in order to achieve better results.

Thinking about that, it is fundamental for any manager or entrepreneur to know what SEO is. This acronym represents a work that can boost the results of any kind of company – be it is small, medium or large, despite of the segment explored.

If you still do not know this concept or if you think you´re not exploiting the resources in your company, the results can be incredibly enhanced as long as the this work steps are put into practice.

Therefore, we created this whole guide. We are going to show you everything about the subject, covering the following topics:

  • what is SEO;
  • how it works;
  • which are the kinds of search a user possess;
  • how the search response page is formatted;
  • what is the importance of SEO to a company;
  • what is the impact of results on the company website;
  • how to optimize SEO on the company website;
  • what is the importance of relying on a specialized SEO agency?



So, are you ready for all this knowledge? Have a good reading!

What is SEO?

Answer quickly: When you need to find some information, be it about a product, a company or a daily question, how and where do you look for this answer? Most likely you thought of Google, right?

Google is a worldwide tool, used for several purposes. Whenever we have any doubt and want to know more about a subject, we use this search engine in order to find information.


When a user is doing a search, the searcher’s goal is to present the most relevant pages; that is to say, those exhibiting the greatest potential for that person to find what he is looking for. Thus there is SEO: in order to present options and create a ranking.

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or Search Engine Optimization. In practice, SEO work consists of a set of techniques to make websites even more relevant to the search engines, so that they show up on the first page of Google.

How does it work?

Once you know what SEO is, we need to understand how that works. For instance, in a marketing manager´s daily life, the professional always thinks of new actions to attract potential consumers and offer a better experience with the brand. SEO is not much different from that.

By applying optimization techniques the website obtains more reliability and usability. As a matter of fact, the optimization goal is to seek those first positions in the search; however, it also reflects a substantial improvement of such pages.

Whenever a user is searching with the tool, Google utilizes the term typed in order to look for informations on internet. It analyzes what is more relevant with regard to that search, and what can be useful to the user. However, if your site is not well organized, that tool will not be able to see it; thus leading to the search of new references.

A simple example is the electronic address, the URL. Previously, while creating a page, the professionals didn’t care much about this code. The URL was formed by a numerical sequence not explanatory at all, and it was impossible to recognize its content only by means of the code. Now, however, that has changed.

Google collects the term typed by the user in the search field, and one of the places it searches for some relation is that URL. If the page does not contain the term typed in the electronic address, it already loses point.

Therefore,  the current websites are all created with friendly URLs. They usually have short, well-explained terms, containing important keywords that are constantly used by the audience. Furthermore,  it works as a presentation for the content within the page.

The URL is just one example of man other factors that are analyzed in the optimization process. We’ll talk about other techniques later.



What are the kinds of search done by a user?

There are three kinds of searches done by the user. We will show each one of them ahead. Check it out!

Navigational Search

The navigational search occurs when one already knows which site he or she want to visit, but still doesn’t know exactly its e-mail address. So, they use the search field entering some term related to the company, such as the name or a main product.

As this user already knows the company, or at least has some vague idea (since he is  looking for it), he is usually at a more advanced stage in the sales funnel. Also, he has already had contact with some brand material.

Informational Search


In informational search the user is chasing after information. Usually it refers to a person at the top of the funnel, who is trying to know more about something.

In this case, the search is not directed towards the company; instead it could be related to a product or some curiosity about the item.

Transactional Search

In the transactional search, the user is looking for an option to buy or contract. For instance, he can use the search field inserting the following term: “hire a SEO consultant.” That is to say, he already cast his doubts aside about hiring, and now he seeks the best option in the market.


The transactional search is very interesting, for the lead is generally in the last stage of the sales funnel. It is ready for a product or service acquisition.


How is the Google Response page structured?

When a user does a search on Google, the response page has many options. All spaces are planned, and it is necessary to understand the positioning of each page in order to achieve better results. So, let’s show how the response page is structured now. Check it out:


The first options on the Google response page are sponsored links.  They were created within the Google Adwords platform for the sake of the research network. The pages display a”Ad” tag, and with each click the advertiser pays a certain amount.

Assuming these positions is a very interesting strategy, and it is constantly applied by companies since it is quick to reach such a position. All that is needed is to create the ad, also establishing the highest bid per click for a keyword. Of course, it is required to keep the page as relevant as possible in relation to the subject searched.

Google Shopping

Another method for you to show up on Google would be through Shopping. Especially when you type some term associated with a product, a list of options is displayed. It guides the user directly to the advertiser’s virtual store.

Just like in the search network, the company using this feature has to pay a certain value per click. The advertiser himself determines such investment, and he joins a kind of auction.

Generally the Google Shopping ads appear on a higher area when compared to the ads results; otherwise, shows up laterally.


Google My Business


A new way to appear in the search is by means of a tool called Google My Business. It is focused on companies, where a representative sign up in the platform: filling in all data, location, opening hours, and so on. Thus, Google shows some options so that the user can find what he is looking for.

It is very important to register your organization in this tool. By utilizing it, users who are close to your region can find your brand listed as an option. Besides,  they can also identify smart routes to get there.

Organic Search


At long last, we come to the focus of this material: the organic search. This kind of search is not paid; in other words, when a user clicks the link on the page, the company that owns the destination will not be charged for it.

However, don’t go on thinking it is simple to achieve those positions. In addition to understanding what SEO is, we need to put the techniques into practice. The results do not appear immediately, they are seen in the medium and long-term. Still, the gains are long-lasting.

Even after reaching the top positions with regard to organic search, the company should not relax. It is necessary to continuously update and keep an eye on the new requirements of Google since news is always released – those new factors are going to be considered for ranking.


What is the importance of SEO to a  company??

As we have said throughout this content, any company should think of improving their website, especially if the kind of business they own relates to e-commerce; that is to say, if they deal with strategies for online sales.

Next, we are going to show some points that clarify the great importance of SEO for organizations.




This is a first important factor describing SEO results for a company: the credibility conveyed by the results of such work. Understanding what SEO is and occupying the top positions in organic search generates high public confidence in the solutions provided by the company.

Usually, the first positions held by companies usually point out well organized, serious brands. Brands that offer a good experience to their customers.

Credibility is important to attract new customers, as well as generating loyalty among those who already know the brand. It also helps the company to solve common problems on a daily basis.


The second point of importance in SEO work is visibility in organic search. Since Google is the primary channel used as search, being prominent among other results allows you to attract a greater traffic to your site.

The internet has helped organizations to increase their audience and reach. If companies were limited to the public of their region before, now this is no longer true. It is totally possible and easy to make purchases on websites from any place in the world. It is as much simple – or even easier! – as buying at a physical establishment next to your home.

Whenever one occupies a good position in organic search, that visibility gained can represent a significant increase for the financial results of an organization. The higher the traffic, the more likely it is to convert visitors into customers, and thereby increase profitability.


Reference position within the market


Finally, we can also highlight the achievement of a benchmark in the market. The internet has certainly opened all physical barriers between demand and offers, but this has also aggravated the competition. Companies from all over the world have begun to dispute for the public’s preference, and thus it is needed to be always mindful of whatever your competitors are doing.

Depois que você e sua equipe entendem o que é SEO e passam a aplicar as técnicas de otimização no dia a dia, os resultados podem fazer com que sua empresa se destaque no mercado, atraindo novos consumidores e ainda enaltecendo os diferenciais.

Once you and your team understand what SEO is, beginning to apply optimization techniques on a day-to-day basis, the results can make your company stand out in the market. It will attract new consumers and also extol your distinguishing features.

What are the impacts of SEO the results of your company website?

In the next topic we will talk about the SEO techniques that should be applied to websites; but before that, we are going to see the impacts those actions are capable of creating on the results. Check it out:

Higher traffic generated on site

One of the key changes recognized when SEO techniques are applied on your site is the traffic increase. To get an idea, a survey released by Smart Insights investigated the concentration of clicks on organic search, by comparing positions on the response page.


According to the results, first place in Google positioning received about 33% of the clicks. Meanwhile, the second one concentrated approximately 15% and the next place, the third, got between 8 and 9% of the clicks of the visitors.

This shows that if your company is not among the top three positions of organic search, a lot of opportunities is being wasted – they are going t be taken by your competitors.

So if you do not know what SEO is and does not apply optimization techniques, stop wasting time and start right now!

Improved usability for visitors

Notwithstanding, in order to understand the reasons why optimization techniques cause so many results, we need to think about Google’s goal. The searcher’s aim is to always present the most relevant pages for users: those pages capable of answering their doubts and requests, providing a good experience. So even if your page can solve these questions, it still needs to offer a good usability.

This good usability consists of several aspects, such as the facility to find all important information (as the company location, means of contact, opening hours etc). In addition, it is essential to have intuitive access to the site, free from mistakes.

Another crucial point of usability is the loading speed of that page. No one will be waiting for a long time until the page is fully loaded. If that period is too long, the person will simply open another window, probably from a competitor, and close yours.

We can not forget the mobile access for mobile devices. Your website should be prepared to adapt to any screen size without losing display quality or ease of use.

These points, if well planned and executed at the time of creating the website, will help to provide greater usability to the visitors. It is also considered by Google and other search engines when they create that organic search ranking.

Higher conversion rate

It doesn’t help at all if you attract a large number of persons to your site but these opportunities are not converted into sales, right? So you need to apply conversion strategies.

Since you provide good content and usability in order to assume a reference position in organic search, the conversion rate tends to increase significantly.

Better customer experience

Finally, another consequence of better website usability would be the good experience that customers may have with the company.

Displaying all the necessary information there, in an intuitively manner, all the visitors’ questions will be solved. Thus they will have greater confidence in purchasing the company’s products or services. This increases satisfaction and also helps in retaining these opportunities through new and consecutive purchases.

How to Optimize the SEO in a company website?

Now that you have glimpsed the great results SEO can bring to your business, we will focus on how to optimize the SEO of your site.

Build the link building structure

Link building is one of the most considered factors taken into account by the Google search engine when ranking. This technique consists in creating a reference line within your site.

For example: if your page talks about the subject of digital marketing, and there is inside it a section discussing social networks as a tool, it would be interesting to create a link for these networks – directing to a specific content about them. If you have already created this new content within the site itself, excellent! Then you can keep the visitor inside the domain and offer him more knowledge as well, making the experience even better.

However, if this material is not on your site, it could also refer to an external environment. Some professionals feel that this is not beneficial, since it is leading the user out of your site, but there are positives points about that. You would be investing in the user experience, making it more complete. In contrast, other sites can also make this referral for your website when you become a reference.

You can also make links to the products in your store, to the contact page or anything else that you consider more interesting for the visitor at the time.

Create friendly URLs

Another SEO practice is to optimize the URL creation. The email address should not be random, as a numerical sequence with no logic at all. It would be interesting if that was short and objective, preferably containing the keyword used by the page.

A good exercise to create the URL would be checking if it is possible to get an idea of the page’s content only by reading that code. If this is possible, and if the keyword is also there, then your URL is a friendly one. Otherwise, you will need to rephrase it.

Optimize images

Search engines cannot see a picture among the text. For them it is just a blank space. So to avoid this and make an image  detectable, you need to fill the alt text field, that is to say:  the alternative text.

It consists of a code which should describe an image. The search engine will read it, and make a connection to the page content.

A good tip would be using this field by filling it with the keyword defined for the page.

In addition, remember to give priority to images of your own, those which are not so heavy as to affect the site opening. Google has been working hard on the images’ originality. They give a high score to those who add new images to pages, instead of just copying and pasting from other places of Internet.

Create a responsive site

A responsive website is one that can adapt to the screen size of the user’s device, be it a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

This is very important nowadays, since mobile devices are being used more and more in everyday life, as well as for internet purchases.

With the new Google updates, the website’s responsiveness became one of the most analyzed points to create the ranking. So don’t forget it!

Create an environment of good usability

As we said before, it is essential to plan a good usability for users within your digital environment. All information should be easily found and navigation should be intuitive. Anyone should be able to do operations on your pages, without requiring a good knowledge or practice in the virtual environment.

In order to find out better practices you can do some tests, by changing the pages design, buttons and text. We call it A / B test, where the visitors flow is divided between two similar pages, which contain one single change at a time. Then you can analyze both pages’ conversion rate so that you decide which one has a  better performance.

Use keywords in a strategic way

The keyword is one of the main bases for all SEO work . The first step in identifying these terms would be to conduct a good search. You should find words which are more frequently used by your public, selecting some interesting ones for the company.

Once they are identified, the page creation should be done taking them into account.

It is interesting that the keyword appears both in the introduction and conclusion of the page, as well as in the URL and images alt texts. Apart from that, ensure the keyword is also present along the content development, the products description, besides the title and intertitles.

Prioritize a high-speed loading for your site

The site loading speed should be always evaluated. A good tool to track this is the Google PageSpeed . It shows the load profile of your pages, making a quantitative assessment of your website from 0 to 100, and it also indicates points for improvement.

Be careful when loading images and especially videos. If these files are too heavy, you could end up hindering navigation and compromising your position in organic search.

Invest in Content Marketing

One of the most interesting digital marketing strategies is Content Marketing . The brand invests in the production of content that helps the audience to ask questions and learn more about the subject matter of the brand.

By creating such content and making them available on a blog, in an organized manner, the company gains credibility and it can attract more customers. In addition, the entire service sector gains in terms of nutrition, since potential customers will have more material to solve their doubts; and, they will be able to contact a representative when they are ready for purchasing.

Also, the content helps a lot to achieve a better position in the organic search. The keywords can be properly used within the materials, attracting people who are at the top, middle or bottom of the sales funnel.

Furthermore, you can use this content in a lead nutrition strategy: sending the most relevant materials for the leads, at the right moment to boost your sales.

Structure your content

If you follow the previous tip, investing in Content Marketing , remember to structure that information very well.

The content must be scannable, that is to say, they should be structured in a way that reading is facilitated. This includes splitting the text by means of intertitles, so that you don’t create too long paragraphs. You have to work on a good introduction, development and conclusion, also inserting CTA, which is called Call to Action. It may indicate that the lead is contacting, visiting a new material or sharing it on social networks, and so on.

What is the importance of having an agency specialized in SEO?

Throughout this content, you understood what SEO is and the importance of this work for your company.

Optimization is capable of making your results even greater! For this, one must have knowledge about the techniques, and always check the updates.

Google is constantly changing, always adding new factors and techniques in order to generate a better experience to the public. Therefore, in order to have a good SEO work is recommended to require the help of an SEO consultant.

The professional team possess knowledge and experience to map out the best strategies and seek more meaningful results in the shortest time.

So now that you know what SEO is, sign up for our newsletter. We are specialized in Digital Marketing and Optimization. We always send valuable tips!

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