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SEO (Search Engine Optimization / Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimization (Optimisation or SEO) is the solution to improving a website´s search engine compatibility by more effectively formatting site code, structure, and content to maximize targeted keyword exposure for improved organic listings and high ranking, ensuring you get the right audience.

• Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, provide the results to millions of queries each day and statistics show that more than 75% of visitors arrive to a website using a local search engine and once your website is well optimized, traffic can increase dramatically.

• Search Engine Optimization is a tedious process and it could take months before results are shown, the reason why all work is based on a minimum contract of 3(three) months.

• Using various techniques, our search engine optimization team can speed up the process in getting your website into the top 10 organic search engines results (SERP´s), in turn achieving high rankings based on the factors below:

Search Engine Optimization - On-Page Factors

• SEO Page Title
• SEO Page Headings
• SEO Page Copy (Body Text)
• SEO Outbound Links
• SEO Keywords in URL and Domain Name
• SEO Internal Link Structure and Anchor Text
• SEO Meta Description
• SEO Keywords Density
• SEO Alt (images)& Title (links) Tags
• SEO Page Structure Consideration

Search Engine Optimization External Factors

• Quality, Quantity and Relevance of Inbound Links
• Link Churn
• Link Acquisition Rate
• Link Anchor Text and Surrounding Copy
• Reciprocal Links
• Number of Links on a Page
• Semantic Relationships Among Links on a Page
• Web Standard Compliance

• To see for yourself how your website is doing in Google search engine, follow these little steps:
• Open a new browser window and go to Google.ie
• In the search box type: site:www.your-domain.ie (replace your-domain with your website URL)
• This type of search will tell you how many pages from your website are indexed by the Google search engine. If you believe your website has more pages that the search engine has indexed then something is not right. (of course that also depends on how long your website is live.)
• Now to get an idea how your website is ranking for certain phrases or keywords that are related to your business, do a quick search in Google.ie
• If your website is not on the first or second page (10-20 results), something needs to be done.

• If you would like to schedule a meeting with our Search Engine Optimization Team and avail of our SEO Services, please call us on +353(0)87 6081188 or send us an email and lets get your project off the ground today!